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Members of the Leading Ladies along with the H.Y.P.U. and other church members proudly show off the fruits of their labor. Little dresses for Africa was a mission project that got the whole church involved. To date, we have sewn about 300 dresses.

Little Dresses for Africa is headquarted in Michigan and was founded by a precious lady named Rachel O'Neill. After a mission trip to Malawi, where she saw first hand the devastation H.I.V./A.I.D.S. has had upon the children, she felt a tug on her heart to do something for the orphans left behind. Most young girls have one dress and wear it until it literally falls off them.dress


Rachel was turned on to the simple idea of creating a dress from a pillowcase. Schools, nursing homes, churches, civic groups, individuals, and others have got on board with this project to help sow a seed of worthiness in the hearts of these young girls.

Please click on the link near the end of the page to see all the wonderful projects that have grown from one woman's vision. They now do little britches and shirts for boys, as well as buckets of hope, clean water, school house. You can also donate money at the link below to help with shipping costs.

An Update from Rachel O'Neill

      Little Dresses for Africa was founded to deliver relief to little girls by distributing dresses made of pillowcases through orphanages, churches and villages, all over Africa.  Recent coverage on NBC's Nightly News  has resulted in tremendous growth. We continue to receive adorable dresses from all 50 states in the US, as well as Canada, Australia and the UK.  With your help we have delivered tens of thousands of little dresses to 47 countries in Africa, as well as 37other countries in crisis such as Guatemala, Honduras, Cambodia, The Philippines, and thousands and thousands to Haiti. 

These dresses go out as little Ambassadors to plant in the hearts of little girls that they are worthy!   Many exciting projects have been born as a result of this ministry.  One focus this year is the building of  The Nan Ray School of Learning, in the Village of Thobola, Malawi, East Africa.  This primary school is a learning and feeding center for 450 children from the surrounding villages.

 Our current goal is to ship a 40ft container this fall, for an anticipated cost of $17,000.  The difference it will make in the surrounding communities is incomparable to anything we've seen here.   We will be collecting school supplies, playground and sports equipment, learning centers, text books, pen, pencils, notebooks, and of course, thousands and thousands of dresses, for the Villages surrounding the school.  We need your help!

Rachel O'Neill ~  Donations to sponsor this day, can be made on the webpage:
Contact: Rachel O'Neill for more information at:                                               
Founder and Director
Little Dresses for Africa

To find out more about Little Dresses for Africa and how you can help or become involved, click on .


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How to make a Pillowcase Dress

First press the pillowcase. Fold in half length wise with the fold towards you. Cut off the top of the closed ends of the case, ( about 3/4 to 1 inch). On the opposite side, you will cut out the armholes. Come down about 5 inches; start cutting in about 2 inches; start cutting upwards to the top; the cut out should resemble a letter J. This forms the armholes. Open up the pillowcase. From the top, turn down about 1/2 inch and press. Turn down about 1 inch again and press. Sew a straight line to create a casing for the elastic that forms the neckline; do this on both sides. The original hem on the pillowcase serves as the hem on the dress also. The elastic (2x about 10 inches of 1/2-3/4 inch elastic) is then snaked thru the casing on both sides. Secure the elastic with stitching on each end. You are now ready to add bias tape to finish off the armholes. Make sure you allow for enough bias tape to extend to create ties for the dress also. I have found that since it is sold 3 yds. to a package, one yard per armhole works well. You can adjust for smaller sizes. That way 2 pks. will make 3 dresses, with minimal waste. I always buy the extra wide double fold bias tape, much easier to work with. Be sure tie a knot in the ends of the bias tape to keep them from raveling.

For more information on this non-profit organization 

Send Dresses To:
Little Dresses for Africa
24614 Curtis Drive
Brownstown, Mi. 48134

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