Jamaica  Missions
            Bishop Zack Flack and Sister Ana Flack of  Pastor Emeritus of Boyd's Creek Church of God
 Please pray for them as they make another mission trip to Jamaica  March 2018



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Update on Elder Edwards church, Moffat Church of God Sanctified

Before photos below:



UPDATE on Moffat Church of God Sanctified's remodeling ~New photos from April, 2014, Mission trip



          Some new photos from April~2014 Jamaica Mission Trip





            Minister Wives Guild of Jamaica 

Sister Lillie Batts( left photo) established the Minister Wives Guild in Jamaica.


Sister Batts is shown here in front with Sister Ana Flack (wife of Bishop Zack Flack, Pastor Emeritus of Boyds Creek Church of God) and all the Minister Wives in Jamaica, in a 2009 Mission trip to Jamaica photo. Not pictured is Sister Grace Smith and Sister Beverly Valentine( wife of Bishop Andrew Valentine, General Overseer of Church of God Sanctified, International) who were also instrumental in organizing the Guild.

 Sister Grace Smith, (left) has made numerous mission trips to Jamaica. God has given her the ability to hold an audience captive, as she spreads the "Good News"with her sense of humor, and her extreme love for people.  A very willing servant of God, full of compassion for the people of Jamaica.

                                      A Special Tribute to Mother Loreta V. Kline-Westfield

                                                                                     In memory 

                                         Click Here for more on this remarkable Woman of God

Mother Westfield was the founding force, and along with Sister Grace Smith, established the missions to Jamaica.

 We give honor to you, Mother Westfield.





      April 2010 First Minister Wives Program.                      Presenting their program to the church at Soho                                                



Sister Crawford and Assistant Overseer                              Young girls blessing the church with song

Bishop Crawford at Soho


The Choir at Soho Church                                                       Praising God!



Sister Flack and Bro.Paul inside Elder Wilson's church.             Notice the pulpit of a hand carved eagle.

                                                                                        Isaiah 40:31                                                                          



Sister Wilson and Sister Flack in the home of Sister Wilson        Visiting the school where Sister Wilson teaches



                More students from the school.                                 Elder Christmon, Bishop Flack, Sister Sandra Tate,and

                Notice they all wear uniforms.                                          Sister Wilson getting ready to sing at the school.



                              Sister Grace Smith who has made many                   Elder K.Christmon leading prayer at the school.

                         trips to Jamaica, speaking to the class.


                         Sister Sandra Tate at the school                                    Bishop Flack of Boyds Creek Church of God,                                                                                                                               Sister Mamosa Foster at the school.


                                Elder Edwards church under remodeling and construction



Elder Edwards  church under construction. The need is great in Jamaica. The average wage is $5600 in US dollars. It  takes 121.56 Jamaican dollars to equal one US dollar. (March 2016)




A 2008 photo of the church at SoHo during remodeling.  Let me add there is no air-conditioning in the churches, and Jamaica has a sub-tropic climate. The Jamaican people love the Lord with all their heart. How many of us in America would sit for hours in a sweltering church to worship God?



                                   Sister Hill, Sister Flack, and Sister Wilson


This is bread fruit, a major food source for the island.

The bread fruit is cooked on top of the stove, and sliced when done.



                        Sister Flack, Meme, Sister Robinson                                            Gifts to be handed out





                    Bro. Paul handling the baggage. He is a big help on the trip.                       Bro. Paul and friend Congoru



                                        Sister Flack and Sister Russell                                           Missionary Bro. Marvin Burke



                       Church of God Sanctified    Jamaica Ministers


                                                   Bishop Mordecai Bogle                                                         Elder Edwards


                                           Elder Keith Wilson                             Overseer Wilson                                  Elder Edwards


                                      Elder Wilson                                 Minister Arvil Taylor                              Elder Morgan


                           Assistant Overseer Crawford and Sister Crawford                      Elder and Sister Clark


                                                       Elder Wallace                                                              Elder Edmond



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